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….not kate, surprise!  i always wanted people to call me kate growing up because i thought it sounded more sophisticated.  it never took, so katey it is.  once upon a time, i lived a sunny, los angeles life chasing my dream as a professional dancer.  i eventually decided that that kind of life wasn't for me.  one great thing that came out of my la-la land experience was meeting my hubby, my main squeeze, josh.  together we moved back to my roots and are now proud parents of three little girls, emma, kylie and liv.  we live in a suburban area about 30 minutes outside of the motor city and couldn't be happier.
i believe photographs are more than a piece of paper. they are a connection to our past and a gift to our future. they represent all that the minds forget and what the heart remembers.
i love... sunshine, the smell of the beach, hugs from my little ones, coffee, vacations, laughter and all things turquoise.
that's me.  i am so excited to meet you.


love, kate




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